You Just Cheated On Your Boyfriend: Now What?

Are You Ready to Take The Next Steps After Cheating?

You might be feeling absolutely horrible right now. Yeah, cheating would do that to you. It’s not the end of the world, though. And you are certainly not alone. In fact, cheating is a lot more commonplace than you think. It happens in the best of relationships – yours, included. That’s why you’re here.
Whether it’s a drunken mistake or a calculated misdeed, chances are someone out there has done it, too. So don’t beat yourself up over it. Here at I Cheated On My Boyfriend (AKA ICOMB), you’ll find stories of equally brazen individuals, advice, and maybe even answers.


How Will ICOMB Help Me?

At ICOMB, we offer you clarity and the support that you are definitely needing at this moment without judgment or preaching. While society condemns and shames anyone straying from the path of monogamy, we want you to know that it’s ok not being perfect. You are human, you make mistakes however it won’t define who you are, you get to choose where to go from here.


What’s The First Thing I Should Do?

You need support, guidance and unbiased advice. Start by signing up for our newsletter to get access to more advice and support (The sign up is easy – you just need a real email address). Once you do that, make sure to read: The Top Three Things To Avoid After Cheating On Your Boyfriend and take our quiz: Are You A Cheater? Both are designed to help you start understand what happened and where to go next.
Sometimes you just don’t know if you actually cheated or not, find out more by reading: What is Cheating, What Is Not? If you don’t have an understanding of what cheating means to you, you can’t move forward. There is a lot of groundwork to complete before you really know what exactly to do next. Remember, if you have the information on WHY something happened, then you have the knowledge on how to avoid negative consequences in the future. Ready for the next step? Find out what to do after cheating.


Do you have any Cheating Stories Similar to My Own Experience?

It depends. While we don’t know your exact scenario, we do have fictional cheating stories as well as real cheating stories. Go ahead and give them a read and figure out if there are some similarities between what’s posted and what happened to you. If you can, go ahead and give these real cheaters advice on what they should do next.


Can I Share MY Story?

Yes!! One of the best medicines for feeling better after cheating is to share your cheating story. You can write exactly what happened, how you feel about it and what your hopes are for you. If you write a minimum of 500 words and it is accepted for the website, the story will be posted anonymously and you can check back to see what advice you have received from other cheaters.


(Want a free copy of I Cheated On My Boyfriend: The Comprehensive Guide On What To Do Next? Submit a 1,000 word true story with grammar & spell check. Make sure to include your email address as well. If it is published on the ICOMB website, you will first receive an e-mail with instructions on how to receive your free copy. Make sure your story is intriguing otherwise you won’t qualify!)


I Really Need To Talk To Someone About My Situation

It’s difficult to talk about cheating with your boyfriend, friends, family, co-workers, church members and many more. Most of the time you just want to keep it a secret. We all know that’s extremely tough though, and if you don’t have some kind of vent for your emotions, you will eventually spill your secret and have it really bite you in the butt.
Don’t let that happen to you!
ICOMB can help you now with our professional Guidance Sessions. If you need an unbiased advice on what to do next for your situation, then we are here to help you feel better emotionally, figure out your next steps and learn to become the best person you can be. If you want to stay with your boyfriend, great! We will help you out. Leave him? Start an open relationship? Get Your Ex Back? We cover it all. No matter what the situation we will help you make the right decisions for you.
One note: we will never encourage you to get back into an abusive relationship – so don’t ask for that!



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