I Cheated On My Boyfriend

Slow down. Take a deep breath. You’ve made it to the I Cheated On My Boyfriend (ICOMB) website and we’re going to help you get through this. I Cheated On My Boyfriend was created for anyone who has cheated once, cheated multiple times, is contemplating cheating, or is just looking to help a friend who has cheated. I Cheated on My Boyfriend is a safe zone -- we do not judge, we do not question. We’re here to help you understand why you cheated on your boyfriend. Society often judges and rejects cheaters, which makes discussing your emotions surrounding the cheating difficult. It’s hard to trust people. You can trust us. We keep your secrets secret, our minds open, and don’t believe in criticizing others.

Our comprehensive I Cheated On My Boyfriend e-book is a guide to helping you discover why you cheated; with full-length chapters that explore your personality, your relationship style, your relationship with your boyfriend, and the emotions that are tied to the act of cheating. We also help you prepare to either tell your boyfriend about the cheating or to keep it secret. Again, we at I Cheated On My Boyfriend don’t judge your decisions, we’re just here to help you through this difficult time. The e-book provides journaling exercises to help you better understand why you cheated, identify your emotions, and help you on to the next step of discussion and healing.

Once you make it through the e-book and your self-discovery, we offer voice-to-voice counseling sessions with the I Cheated On My Boyfriend team. The e-book will help you identify why you’ve cheated, and with our sessions you can speak to a real-live person who will not judge you, will not share your secret, and will listen to your concerns. The counseling sessions are a great way to blow off steam, be true to your feelings, and figure out what to do next. Because society shuns cheaters, you may not feel comfortable sharing with your friends about your cheating. I Cheated On My Boyfriend fills in as a secret, non-judgmental friend.

The I Cheated On My Boyfriend team is here for you and we can’t wait to get started. Buy the comprehensive e-book today and get started on your journey of self-discovery and freedom from any guilt or fear you may have.