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Now what?


Your First Step After Cheating:

Get Some Help!

You're already on the right path so far just by getting here: the ICOMB (I Cheated On My Boyfriend) website. The very first thing you need to do after cheating is to get some help! What does that mean? Get honest advice, clear answers and information from someone that cares about your situation. You might be thinking “I don’t trust anyone enough to talk to them about this!” well - fear not - that’s why the ICOMB website exists – to help YOU!

Current society will slut shame, shun, and batter your ego if you cheat. If it’s a one-time fling or a series of cheating events, you are made to be the worst thing on the planet. Whether you are gay or straight, you become the scum of the earth. That’s not what you’ll get here. In reality, cheating doesn’t mean you are a BAD or EVIL person, it simply means you are human. Overall, you aren’t completely satisfied in your current relationship in some form and have found an outlet through cheating to fill in that missing piece.

In comes ICOMB to help you through this tough time. We provide high quality assessments of your current situation and tailor solutions JUST FOR YOU. Whether you purchase the E-Book for 4.99 or a Guidance Session, rest assured that ICOMB will take care of you.

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Your Second Step After Cheating:

Read The ICOMB E-Book

A common complaint from cheaters is that they don’t know why they cheated! Most of the time it’s a mystery to them and it’s difficult to understand what exactly has happened. So how can you gain clarity and break everything down into manageable pieces? Start with the e-book: I Cheated On My Boyfriend: The Comprehensive Guide On What To Do Next.

When reading the e-book, it doesn’t matter what kind of cheater you are. Even if you are only THINKING of cheating, this e-book will be invaluable to you. From emotional cheaters to serial cheaters, we have you covered. Starting with the basics of your emotions, ICOMB guides you towards uncovering more about yourself and helping you really understand WHY you cheated, how to handle your current situation and what steps to take next. And what’s even better? It’s written in an easy-to-read format – almost as if your best friend wrote it.

Want a sample? Go ahead and read the first chapter for free right here.

Otherwise purchase it: HERE!


Your Third Step After Cheating:

Get Personal Guidance

Sometimes reading simply isn’t enough. You need a personal connection and to share your story with someone who cares and will listen intently to your situation. You need someone to help solve your problem in an honest, open and caring manner. Who could possibly do that though? ICOMB!

Here’s how it works: You start with a free 5 minute SKYPE consultation (voice only) by sending us a request letting us know you are interested in purchasing a guidance session. Tell us what session length in which you are interested and what times you have available in the next 48 hours. We will get back to you ASAP to schedule the 5 minute consultation. This will let you try out our service a bit before you fully commit!

Once you decide which session length to purchase (Most people choose 60 minutes) that works best for you, ICOMB  sends you our unique Guidance Questionnaire for you to complete before your Guidance session. This allows us to get more details about your specific situation before we discuss the best solution(s) for you.

Once we finish with our Guidance Session, then you automatically are eligible for 1 half-off guidance sessions as long as you purchase 60 minutes or more initially.

Current Offerings for Guidance Sessions

Guidance sessions provide non-judgmental guidance on your next steps after cheating. You will find out WHY you cheated through open communication and dialogue. We ask important questions to uncover your hidden motives. Afterwards, you will have a deeper self understanding. All Guidance Sessions come with a free copy of the E-Book via coupon code. If you have already purchased the e-book, then the price will be refunded to you

30 Min. Session

  • Identify and understand your emotions
  • Realize WHY you cheated
  • Begin to create your next steps together for the following week

60 Min. Session 


  • Same as 30 Minute Guidance Session AND
  • Discuss current and previous relationships more in-depth for higher quality analysis of individual situation
  • Deeper understanding of what motivates YOU
  • Identify what is lacking in your current relationship
  • Create and finalize your next steps for the next week/month

90 Min. Session 

  • Same as 60 Minute Guidance Session
  • Recommended for more complex situations
  • Review details in-depth to create more personalized goals and milestones
  • Discuss complete personal history for highest level analysis of individual life situation
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Your Final Step After Cheating:

Share Your Story

Once you’ve had a chance to utilize the resources available to you on ICOMB, there is one last thing to do. Share your cheating story with ICOMB and it might be published as a collection of real cheating stories!

This allows you to get YOUR voice out to other people who have cheated. While you might feel safe with ICOMB to describe how your cheating happened, how you felt and what steps you will take next, the rest of the world might not be so kind. No matter what kind of cheater you are, you will probably be feeling a bit lonely, confused and distraught. When you write your story, include all the details you can. From how it started initially, how ICOMB was able to help you, or even how you handled it yourself. Remember to include what has happened AFTER the cheating and what path you decided to take in regards to whether you tell your boyfriend that you cheated on him.

There’s a lot of useful information and support you can provide to readers by sharing your experience. You’ll also find that writing out your experience ends up helping you really clear your head of the whole situation!

So what are you waiting for? Send us your story!

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This is where you can ask about anything regarding the E-Book, Guidance Sessions or Sharing Your Story. Remember to fill out everything accurately and in complete detail.

If you are here to Share Your Story, we suggest typing it up in Word first and making sure it's perfect before you submit it.

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