Get Answer Now! Read the 1st chapter free.

Get Answer Now! Read the 1st chapter free.

I Cheated On My Boyfriend: Now What?

Take a moment and breathe! You made it to the I Cheated On My Boyfriend (ICOMB) website and we’re going to help you get through your situation. ICOMB was created for anyone who has cheated once, cheated multiple times, is contemplating cheating, or even looking to help a friend who has cheated. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman at ICOMB. If you cheated on your boyfriend, we are here to help.

Will ICOMB Judge Me For Cheating On My Boyfriend?

ICOMB is a safe zone; We do not judge you negatively, we do not question you. ICOMB simply exists to help you understand why you cheated on your boyfriend. Today’s society is highly judgmental and very quickly will shun or reject a cheater. Even one of your close friends may not be able to understand your inner struggle after cheating – they may even distance themselves from you. While there are not many safe spaces for cheaters, ICOMB wants you to know that you can trust us. Your secrets are safe here, our minds are open and we don’t believe in criticizing others. Your life journey is unique and if ICOMB can help you understand more about yourself, that is more than enough.

Why Did I Cheat?

The biggest challenge you may experience as a cheater is figuring out why you cheated on your boyfriend. In fact, because it is such a broad topic to cover and understand, ICOMB developed a comprehensive e-book: I CheatedOn My Boyfriend: The Comprehensive Guide On What To Do Next. In the e-book, we help you discover why you cheated by exploring your personality, your relationship style, your specific relationship with your boyfriend, and the emotions that are tied to the act of cheating. Once we have covered these basics, we move on to decision-making. Are you going to tell your boyfriend you cheated or will you keep it a secret? Either decision is OK and ICOMB will never judge you negatively either way. Cheating is confusing and emotionally draining – we won’t burden you with further negative judgment, we are simply here to help you though this difficult time! The most helpful portion of the e-book comes from the journaling exercises that ICOMB created to help you better understand why you cheated, identify your emotions and help you on to the next steps of discussion and healing.

As a starter, ICOMB provides the first chapter of our e-book for free. If you think the e-book is useful and will help you, consider purchasing the full edition.