Emotions After Cheating

One of the worst things about cheating is that in the moment, it feels so good. Then, (usually) in the morning you feel... all of the emotions! From hysteric to depressed to rage, you name it then you can experience it. Cheating is also a sensitive subject, who on Earth wants to admit they cheated?! Well, some people do because it's a form of control but not everyone is like that.


If you are going through all of the emotions right now, the very best thing you can do is BREATHE. That's right, just breathe. You are going to be ok, ICOMB will walk you through everything and make it so you feel better about the situation and more importantly, feel better about yourself. Cheating doesn't ruin your life, only you can do that by what you do next. What will you do? Learn from this experience or collapse in defeat. 

The goal of ICOMB is to help visitors realize that there's more to the story of cheating than just the physical embrace of the person you slept with. There's patterns in your behavior, patterns in your past that tell us why you cheated on your boyfriend. We can use those patterns and figure out what is going on to make sure you don't feel the need to cheat again. 

It might be tough to feel like anything will be better, but if you didn't think things could get better, why would you be looking for help? You have taken the first step in making sure that you feel better after cheating and that's just looking to see what can be done. 

As far as instant comfort, the first chapter of our ebook: I Cheated On My Boyfriend is available as a PDF download, RIGHT NOW. After you read that, if you like it, get the rest of the advice right here

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